In January, Josh wrote about an employee-only redesign he’d seen on an iOS test build that evolved the look of the mobile news feed, including full-screen photo tiles and text overlaid on images.
The announcement comes on the heels of news from January that Facebook was prepping a radical new look for its mobile news feed, according to a redesign witnessed by our own Josh Constine recently.

Now that the underlying tech behind the apps have been greatly improved, bringing benefits for loading and launch times, as well as general performance, it makes sense that the company would turn its attentions to improving the Facebook app’s aesthetic elements.
The last time the Facebook mobile app got a significant visual upgrade was in May of 2012, when the company updated the news feed with a much more media-focused look.
Facebook’s recent mobile focus has been on improving the backend aspects of its apps for iPhone and Android, and on adding features like free VoIP calling for users in the U. S. and Canada.

(Source: TechCrunch)